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Way too much description.

All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel - Anthony Doerr

It has taken me five weeks to trawl through this novel. I found it way too descriptive, especially the first third, where, if I'd wanted to picture every image, I'd still only be half way through the book. I hate skipping sections of books, but I had no choice.

One character remains with us throughout the book, Marie-Laure, who had lost her sight at the age of six, yet managed to navigate through her neighbourhood of Paris using routes she had learned from an intricately constructed wooden model made lovingly by her father. During the war they had to escape to Saint-Malo in France, and he made her another model of her new town.
The other main character is Werner, an orphan living in a children's home, he is fascinated by radios. His skills become known to the Germans and he is accepted into a training school for Hitler Youth, full of bullying teachers. Eventually he uses his radio knowledge to track down French transmitters during WWII.
Their paths do cross briefly, but somewhat unsatisfyingly, towards the end of the book.

I had heard great things about this novel, it came highly recommended, and most of our book group enjoyed it, but myself and one other agreed that it was just too 'poetic', and lacking in direction.