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The Bone Clocks - David Mitchell

I tried to read this, I really did. I had it on audio as an unabridged Audible book and I abandon audio books even more rarely than e/paper books. I managed 72%, which is pretty good going for a book that (in my opinion), just got worse and worse.


It started well, I was totally involved with Holly Sykes and her decision to run away from home, her work on the farm and the people she met. But the book got gradually weirder and weirder, until I was totally confused as to what was happening. Finally, when I realised that I was involved in some war of the worlds, I admitted defeat and returned the book to Audible for a refund.


Obviously it's a popular, prize-winning book, so I'm in a distinct minority.

My personal grading system gives one star for an abandoned book, so I felt I should explain my decision.

I found the story line thin, to say the least, I felt as if this was just a demonstration of the author's considerable writing skills. It also became too Sci Fi for me, a war between Horologists and Anchorites, taking over people's bodies, sub-speaking, egressing, ugh.

One feature I did enjoy, however, was that a lot of the characters have appeared in previous novels, a technique that really appeals to me.


So, no more David Mitchell for me then.


Previous David Mitchell books I have read (or attempted to read):

Black Swan Green (4 stars)

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet (2 stars)

Cloud Atlas (abandoned)