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Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella

This was fun, an entertaining read while driving. I was listening to the abridged version though, so I can't be sure whether the longer one would have been an improvement or not, but journeys didn't feel so long while this book was playing.

It is actually book 5 of a series, but that didn't matter much, the characters all introduced themselves pretty effectively. I'd previously listened to Shopaholic Ties the Knot (3), also out of order, and that wasn't a problem either.

Becky Bloomwood is now Becky Brandon, married to heart-throb Luke. Long-suffering Luke! I couldn't help wondering how he could be quite so patient with her mindless spending. Still, he's well on his way to making 'squillions', so it's not too much of a problem...until everything goes pear-shaped.
Becky has to have the top Hollywood gynaecologist, along with her designer boots and specialist prams, and this gynaecologist turns out to be an ex of Luke's. Problems are bound to ensue.

Sophie Kinsella is an entertaining writer, one of the better chick-lit authors. And although this is not a genre I tend to favour, it passes mindless hours on the roads quite effectively.

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