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Not quite what I had expected.

The Faerie Tree - Jane Cable-Alexander
Izzy and Robin's first attempt at love is curtailed by tragedy and their paths diverge as a result. It is another twenty years until they meet again in a wonderful scene outside a cafe. Time has changed them both but maybe love can blossom again?
They are well drawn characters, along with Izzy's teenage daughter, Claire, who often has more sense than the adults. However I did find it a bit strange that such a brief relationship while they were both quite young, would be expected to be more than just that, a passing fling - to be honest, they hadn't really got to know each other in that time.

Although I enjoyed this book, it didn't give quite me as much magic as the title had led me to expect. The Faerie Tree could have been more of a character in the novel, rather than just a meeting place. I loved all the ribbons and gifts left to decorate the tree and the idea of letters from the children, but it wasn't explored enough for me.
There was an intrinsic love of nature throughout the book, which was very gratifying, but the reference to paganism was left rather up in the air and didn't quite connect with the story.
The other issue I had with the book, was probably just me, but I didn't really understand why Robin and Izzy had such differing memories, which was basically the centre-point of the book.

So, an easy read, but I was left feeling a bit short changed.