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Is he only after her fortune?

The Fortune Hunter - Daisy Goodwin

I enjoy historical fiction, and when it's based on fact, then so much the better. Unfortunately The Fortune Hunter veered just a little too far into romance for my taste, it was still enjoyable, but possibly a little trite.


Charlotte Baird was an interesting character, quiet and mousy on the outside, but quite feisty in her views and ambitions. Her love of photography gave her something beyond the role of wife and mother that was expected of young ladies of the 1800's.

She was not enthusiastic about the prospect of 'coming out' into London society, the round of luncheons and balls did not excite her and her inherited wealth made it all the more difficult to tell if it was just her money that made her attractive to men. However, she felt an instant attraction when she met Bay Middleton, a lowly paid cavalry officer.


Enter the Empress of Austria, allegedly the most beautiful woman in Europe, though her likenesses don't give me that impression. However, she is in the area for the hunting and Bay is persuaded to act as her pilot on the courses as he's as good a rider as she is. An awkward triangle ensues and we wait to find out who gets the guy, and, incidentally, who wins the Grand National.


Disappointingly predictable in parts, and it didn't really inspire me to turn the pages, but an OK, light read.