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The Grand Tour of Europe.

Us - David           Nicholls

This started out really well, with several quips that had me laughing out loud. However, the original impetus seemed to wane as I read further, and I lost interest somewhere in the middle of Europe.


Douglas is a geeky scientist, living a reclusive life. He presumes that this is how his future will pan out, until he meets Connie at one of his sister's awful dinner parties. She is vivacious, arty and hip, and he can't believe his luck when she seems to reciprocate his interest. They marry and have a son, Albie.

By the time the trip around Europe takes place, Albie is seventeen and a moody teenager; this is to be the last family holiday, an educational experience for Albie before he leaves for university to study photography.


Needless to say, very little goes to plan and a large part of the book is Douglas's attempt to hold things together, as Albie does his own thing and Connie announces that she will be leaving Douglas once Albie goes to university.


An interesting study of family relationships, but I got bored as the amusing quips seemed to reduce in number and I'd had enough of trailing around Europe.