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Rather over-hyped.

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

I read this because GoodReads was proposing it as one of this year's 'it' books. It's one of those where there's not much blurb, just a huge amount of hype, which always makes me suspicious. 

It was written in an interesting, catchy style, with a lot of short, snappy sentences. The main character, Cadence, or Caddy, is also the narrator; a somewhat unreliable narrator since her accident. She comes from a wealthy family who own several houses on Martha's Vineyard in US. But most of the year she lives with her mother on the mainland.


Every summer her mother and her two sisters take their families and spend the whole time on the island. Caddy is the eldest and her closest cousins, Mirren and Johnny, plus Johnny's cousin by a second relationship, Gat, are known as The Liars. Though this was a strange title, as they didn't really lie much. There are younger cousins too, but they don't feature so strongly in the narrative.

Two summers form the bulk of the story, the summer when Caddy was fifteen, and her seventeenth summer. 


So, I guess I'm not allowed to say much more. It was an easy read, nothing astounding, but enjoyable. In my opinion it didn't really live up to all the hype.