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Hood - Emma Donoghue

It is very rare that I abandon a book, even more unlikely if it's an audio-book. However, this book, written many years before Emma Donoghue's fantastic book, Room, did not live up to expectations at all. I was listening to it on a long haul flight and I found I was just not engaging with the characters at all. The narrative seemed dragged out and slow and served only to send me to sleep, which, under the circumstances, was fine.

The central relationship is between two women, Cara and Pen. When Cara is killed in a traffic accident, Pen is left to mourn privately, as only their immediate friends even knew they were a couple. She mulls over past events and meets up with some of Cara's old friends. When it was revealed that Cara had been having other relationships outside her affair with Pen, I lost interest completely. I don't particularly enjoy lesbian literature and this was just too slow and sorry for itself, and I really couldn't like Cara, even when she was still a child.

I gave it a good try, 30%.