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Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty

I feel like I've just returned from a lengthy session of gossip in the school yard! This is definitely a must-read for anyone with primary age children. Liane Moriarty has a real knack for gradually revealing characters, events and secrets; you can't put this book down, knowing that there's yet another lurking just a few pages on.


Three women take central stage: The vivacious, say-it-as-it-is Madeleine, stunning (even without make-up) Celeste, and mousy, single mum, Jane. Close behind are their children, all starting kindergarten together. The trouble starts on orientation day, before the children have even started school, when Jane's son, Ziggy, is accused of bullying. 


I can't say too much, as the beauty of this book is the way the author artfully adds information to that which we already know, very much in the style of a good gossip. There are some clever tricks, such as the insertion of various comments from the school mums as they talk between themselves and with the interviewing policemen. This is a great way for us to get to know all the mums - and there is definitely a cast of thousands, mostly with husbands attached.


From the start we know that the school trivia night is the central event, but we join the characters several months before that, and it is a long time before we even know who has been murdered, let alone by whom, or why. But the ending is hugely satisfying - and that's all I'm saying.